Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going || I know I talk and share alot on here about studios/group fitness, but what about just going to the gym for a workout?
I’ll admit, when I first started @equinox, I was just a cardiac warrior on the treadmill and stairstepper and felt intimidated about even going near the weight room ‍♀️ even though I knew my progress was plateauing.
Then I decided I needed a change and started personal training with @andrewpoliver. Not only did I become more confident in working out with weights, but I saw great progress. All it took was getting outside my comfort zone and asking for a little help.
A lot of those skills I learned then, I carry with me now. Be open to new things, don’t be afraid to seek help from others but, no matter what, make sure you do what makes you feel happy and healthy. That’s how good habits form. ✌
— xx The Healthlete

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