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Give Your Skin New Life with After-Sun Skincare3 min read

Give Your Skin New Life with After-Sun Skincare | health is wellth

Spending time out in the sun can be good for you — as long as it’s in moderation. You already know that there is so much out there about how to care for your skin before and during sun exposure (by applying and reapplying SPF). But what about after-sun care?

It’s important to show your skin some love with après-sun skincare. Even with SPF your skin can still be damaged by the sun and can become burned, dry, or itchy. These products can help soothe, repair, and pamper your skin to get it back to its soft, hydrated, and healthy state.

Keep reading for tips on how to care for your skin after sun exposure

Give Your Skin New Life with After-Sun Skincare | health is wellth

Always apply and reapply sunscreen

I know, I know, but seriously though. SPF protection is the foundation of skin health. It’s not only important to apply sunscreen, but to also reapply it, especially after being in and out of the pool/ocean or after sweating. It is necessary to re-up so you are getting adequate sun protection. I personally prefer to use Coola’s Mineral Body Sunscreen Spray – ($42) as it provides great SPF, smells amazing (is available with no fragrance as well), plus is great for your skin + the environment.

Re-hydrate your skin from the inside

Taking care of your skin is not just about what you put on your body, but also what you put in it. A day out in the sun can seriously dehydrate you. So make sure to drink water as its the best way to stay hydrated anytime.

Take a cool shower

Sun exposure can cause inflammation of the skin (which is why your skin still feels hot even when you are out of the sun). So take a cold shower to help reduce the inflammation. While you cool off in the shower, soap up with Native’s Aloe & Eucalyptus Body Wash – ($8), plus gently exfoliate with FRÉ’s Purify Body Clarifying Body Cleanser – ($35) Each can help remove dead skin cells and liven up dull, sun-exposed skin.

Soothe your skin with aloe

Aloe is an all natural way for cooling and replenishing dry skin and helps prevent peeling, which is a must if you are dealing with sunburn. Herbivore Botanicals After-Sun – ($20) is a great aloe mist that is also includes refreshing mint and lavender oils to take that soothing feeling to the next level. Also consider Coola’s Organic After-Sun Lotion – ($32) packed with powerful antioxidants plus its nourishing, soothing ingredients that help your skin bounce-back after a day in the sun.

Get comfortable with a sheet mask

A face mask is a great way to repair sun-exposed skin. This Watermelon After-Sun Mask – ($5) provides a cooling sensation plus an extra boost of moisture. After about fifteen minutes, remove the mask and massage any remaining moisture into the skin.

Stay hydrated and glowy with moisturizer + oil

When it comes to after-sun moisturizing, not just any moisturizer will do. It is important to use light moisturizing lotions with aloe so the skin is able to release heat + feel the cooling sensation from the aloe. FRÉ’s Protect Body Defense Moisturizing Lotion with SPF30 – ($40) and Glow Body Nourishing Dry Oil – ($45) are the perfect duo for keeping your body’s skin hydrated and glowing after a day in the sun. Or better yet, you can get all three of FRÉ’s Body products in set at a discount of $25 (plus an additional discount if you use the code HEALTHLETE).

With these tips, you’ll have healthy, glowing skin all summer (in and out of the sun)!

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