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How to Take Care of Your Skin After a Workout3 min read

How to Take Care of Your Skin After a Workout | health is wellth

Contrary to what you have always been told, sweat can actually be good for your skin. That is because it helps to remove impurities from your skin and protect it from bacteria. Even though sweating can be good for your skin, it is how you care for it after a workout that makes ALL the difference.

Because I have struggled with it in the past, I know that it can be tough balancing exercise and skincare. However, having a dedicated post-workout skincare routine has seriously helped my skin even after my sweatiest of workouts. So I’m sharing my post-workout skincare routine with you!

For the past few months, I have been reaching for Fré Skincare after my workouts, and it has done wonders for my oily combination skin. I love that Fré’s products are specifically made for those who workout. By using an organic Argan oil and leaf extract, their products are formulated for sweat-induced skin damage like breakouts and dehydration. Also, Fré Skincare’s complete line is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Which is very important to me as the products I use in skincare routine become more clean. 

Keep reading for tips on how to care for your skin after a workout

Use a gentle cleanser

When I think about the cleansers I used before simplifying and “cleaning up” my skincare routine, I cringe. So let me spare you all the frustration that I experienced and let you guys in on a little tip. Harsh cleansing products are so not necessary to clean your post-sweat skin. Kiss that dry and itchy feeling post-cleanse goodbye by switching to a gentle cleanser.

After a workout, I use Fré’s Purify Me Hydrating Facial Cleanser. I love it because it does a serious job of hydrating and rebalancing my skin after my workouts. The gentle exfoliation from the jojoba beads helps remove any dead skin and impurities from my skin. As a result, my complexion comes out looking clear and feeling fresh.

Put a mask on

Whether or not you are like me and workout regularly every week, it’s important to remove the buildup of everyday impurities and pollutants from environmental conditions on your skin. So I use the Detox Me Post-Sweat Clearing Mask, because it gently clarifies my skin, leaves it feeling fresh & soft, while also minimizing breakouts.

As one of my go to masks, I use it about once a week. It does has a slight exfoliant texture to it, so I make sure to massage gently while washing it off with lukewarm water.

Apply a serum

I love a good serum, because it delivers a high concentration of vitamins and minerals straight to my skin. The ingredients of the Revive Me Deep Replenishing Serum really helps to bring my post workout glow from the inside out. This serum gives my skin such good nourishment so I’m left with a healthy and energized glowing complexion.


By moisturizing you help your skin maintain its pH balance. It also acts as a barrier against the environment, locks in moisture, and boosts hydration. So obviously, whatever moisturizer you choose to use is v important to the health of your skin. The Protect Me Defense Facial Moisturizer does all the above for my skin, plus protects it from the sun’s harmful rays with SPF30. That way I can go about my day without worrying about my skin’s protection.

So go ahead and love your sweat, because now it won’t get in the way of your glow! Use the code HEALTHLETE for 15% off your next Fré Skincare order. For every set sold an Argan Tree of Life is planted to empower women who harvest Argan in Morocco and fight deforestation.

Tried any of these tips? Share your experience in the comments! Read your cosmetic labels? Learn what those label buzzwords really mean. Struggling with acne (but not on your face)? Read how to get rid of bacne.

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