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Seeking Soft Lips for Summer?2 min read

A common reason for chapped or discolored lips is cold weather, but during the summer months, sun exposure and dehydration can also take its toll on our pouts. Beyond wearing sunscreen and staying hydrated (basically wellness 101), our lips still need additional care.

Continue reading for how to keep a healthy pout all summer long

Use an organic lip scrub to remove dead skin

Use an organic lip scrub to remove dead skin

Lips looking dull or feeling rough and flaky? Exfoliate! Done properly it can help remove dead skin cells and uncover fresh skin cells below. Unless you prefer DIYing your own scrub, the French Girl Organics Rose Lip Polish is perfect organic option that also tastes good. Filled with organic ingredients (like coconut oil and shea butter for moisture), sugar (for exfoliation without irritation), and mint and rose essential oils (for a plumping effect) — this scrub will bring new life to your pout.

Follow exfoliation with some oil nourishment

Follow exfoliation with some oil nourishment

After exfoliation, your lips need nourishment. Use sweet almond oil as it contains vitamin E, a powerful vitamin that can make a soft and supple feel in no time. This nourishing oil adds instant moisture and prevents chapped lips. After exfoliation, administer two drops of sweet almond oil to the lips and massage lightly. Let the oil sit for 3 minutes, then wipe away excess product.

For everyday
Everyday lip moisture

Everyday lip moisture

For a lip balm that provides all day moisture, try Kari Gran Natural Lip Whip with Peppermint Oil. Made from natural, organic, wild harvested, and non-GMO ingredients, this balm gives a moisturizing boost with a hint of peppermint.

Something extra
<em>CBD infused lip balm to chill you out

CBD infused lip balm to chill you out

Want a lip balm with a little something extra? Beyond its many nourishing agents such as cocoa and kokum butter, Vertly’s CBD Infused Lip Butter also includes CBD oil which has anti-inflammatory properties and produces a slight calming effect. Who knew moisturizing your lips could also chill you out!

With a little care, you can rock kissable lips this summer!

What products do you use to maintain a soft pout? Share your tips in the comments!

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