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Black Girl Magic: Fitness in NYC2 min read

Black Girl Magic: Fitness in NYC | health is wellth
It’s Black History Month, & I want to share an amazing post by a fellow WOC Wellness Blogger Kira West (@bykwest on Instagram). She complied a list celebrating the often not recognized WOC fitness instructors in NYC. You can read the full post for all the #BlackGirlMagic on By K.West!

It’s Black History Month and I’ve been craving more black girl magic during my workouts. I know boutique fitness can be expensive especially in NYC but since self-care is a priority for me, I belive in the investment and I’ve made room in my budget for workouts I enjoy. While New York City is one of the most diverse communities in the United States, I have found that its wellness scene does not reflect the diversity that makes my hometown so special. Where are all the black people? And where are all the black female instructors/ coaches? I had a hard time finding the answers so I made like Nancy Drew to find those black women who were leading and uplifting New Yorkers in the fitness industry. ( LA and DC lists are next!)

I have listed their names, studios were you can take one of their classes, but also worth mentioning– many of them are personal trainers, so if you like to get your fitness in one on one, hit them up! Let’s highlight and celebrate these wonderful instructors, so that all can benefit from their teaching. 

For my Brooklynites, I’d be remiss if I didn’t kick it off with Briana Owens, the founder of Spiked Spin. I’ve been watching her work for a few years now and am continuously inspired by all she’s done for women of color. She created space for black women in the wellness world that is special yet inclusive. Spiked Spin is now open in Brooklyn and if you’ve not visited, it’s a must! The misson really says it all: “We are the intersection of Wellness & Hip-Hop Culture, here to insult fitness standards, and create a new culture in wellness! We want you to come as you are, but leave better.”

If you live uptown, Harlem Cycle is another space that combines culture and community. Harlem Cycle is also owned and founded by a black woman named Tammeca Rochester. They really focus on “classes and programs bring out your best self no matter your size, shape, age or current fitness level.”. This is Harlem’s first indoor cycling studio and the studio now offers a variety of classes on/off the bike as well as retreats.

Here’s a list in no particular studio order! These are people I know personally, researched or have come reccommend by my community. If you’ve got anyone you’d want to add shoot me a DM. Let’s call this a working list for now.

Read the full post from Kira at By K.West

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