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Stay Fit With These Online Streaming Workouts6 min read

Stay Fit With These Online Streaming Workouts | health is wellth

Sometimes we forget (or don’t find time) to make exercise part of our to-do list. However, you don’t have to fall off the exercise wagon just because life gets a little busier. With a little bit of planning and the flexibility of online and streaming workouts, you can have a workout plan that will keep you feeling your best anytime, anywhere.

The digital fitness space is growing and is one of the biggest wellness trends right now. A variety of platforms provide access to boutique fitness programming at your convenience and for less than the cost of one studio fitness class!

So go ahead and bring the fitness studio at home (or wherever you are) with these online streaming workouts!

Read on for how to get a workout in wherever you are
Stay Fit With These Online Streaming Workouts | health is wellth

Alo Moves

Practice anywhere, anytime with Alo Moves and their world-class instructors. Each week, a variety of new classes are added including flexibility, skill & technique, strength, and even meditation. Classes also come at a variety of time lengths from less than 15 mins to more than 90 minutes — so there is something for everyone. What’s even better is that these classes can also be downloaded for offline use!

Why I love it: The instructors on Alo Moves are seriously amazing! Beyond getting to practice with the likes of Dylan Werner and Koya Webb, the instructors provide detailed instruction, breaking down the poses and working on proper alignment. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced in your practice, this is a great app for all levels!
Required equipment: Just a yoga mat.
Best for: Those who want to try a variety of yoga styles and classes. There are also workshops that help you improve on particular skills such as inversions.
Cost: The app is free to download; membership is $19.99 a month by using the code “MIA”.

Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel brings yoga inspired fitness to the convenience of an app. Enjoy new workouts daily that help you reach your personal fitness goals. The app provides 5 themed workout categories to get you in shape you want. Whether you want cardio, strength, flexibility, to balance & focus, or to breathe & relax, Asana Rebel will leave feeling sweaty and challenged.

Why I love it: I really enjoy the video previews of each session, which allows me to see what workout I may be getting into before trying it.
Required equipment: Just a yoga mat.
Best for: Those who enjoy fitness-based yoga at the ease of an app.
Cost: App is free to download; subscriptions start at $5/month for a premium plan, which includes a 7-day free trial.

Bulldog Yoga

While visiting Colorado some time ago, I dropped in on a Bulldog Yoga class and absolutely loved it! So I was even more excited to find out that they have online classes available. Bulldog Yoga is fitness-focused with a musical heart. Choose from the 4 yoga-based class categories: activate, invigorate, exhilarate, and bulldog bites. For those who think “yoga can’t be that hard”, don’t be fooled. There are programs on Bulldog Yoga that will have you sweating and feeling challenged.

Why I love it: I especially love the Bulldog Bites! These particular classes are only 20 to 25 minutes long and have a variety of targets, such as Bulldog for Runners, Core on the Floor, and Hips & Hammies. There are a lot of workouts available that target just what you need.
Required equipment: Just a yoga mat.
Best for: Those who enjoy fitness-based yoga with killer playlists.
Cost: Monthly unlimited starts at $16 — or with a 3-month commitment, the monthly unlimited is only $12. Not sure you want to commit yet? Try Bulldog unlimited for free for 24-hours (binge watch if you like).

[email protected]

Even if you “aren’t a dancer”, you’ll love [email protected]‘s workouts. This dance-inspired fitness platform delivers a fun and effective workout that’ll have you feeling all the positive vibes. You can even choose to work out with DanceBody either live or on-demand. Remember to not get hung up on missing the steps, the more classes you take, the easier the steps get.

Why I love it: DanceBody is like a nonstop jam session. I’m not a dancer, but I enjoyed these workouts because they mix up my usual routine. Bop to your favorite jams while getting a sweat on.
Required equipment: These workouts can easily be done without equipment, however DanceBody does offer their signature equipment in a bundle (which includes a hexagon-shaped mat, a resistance band, and DanceBody’s hand weights), which can be purchased for $155.
Best for: Those who prefer dance as their primary exercise.
Cost: Use the code “3DAYFREE” for 3 days free; membership is $34.99 a month. For live workouts, prices start at $7.99 for one class.

Obé Fitness

All it takes is 28 minutes to get a good sweat on with Obé Fitness‘s fun and colorful live streamed classes. Obé (pronounced “obey”) live streams classes for 6 hours everyday from a neon technicolored studio setting that has strong 80’s fitness vibes. Work out to upbeat music with top NYC-based instructors like Megan Roup and Amanda Kloots. Whether your prerogative is to cardio, dance, sculpt, yoga, HIIT, strength, or restorative — Obé has a workout for you!

Why I love it: All the signature live workouts are only 28 minutes long! Obé also provides on-demand express workouts for Sweat (cardio), Define (strength and speed), or Flow (flexibility) that are shorter. So no more complaints about not having time for a workout.
Required equipment: Equipment is not necessary as most workouts are body weight only. However, some may call for light dumbbells, a resistance band, a yoga mat, or a chair.
Best for: Those who like variety in their online workouts!
Cost: Get started with 7 days free; membership is $27 a month.

Physique57 On Demand

Tone and sculpt while using Physique57‘s signature barre and Pilates-inspired on-demand fitness program. Their non-impact strength training, cardio, and restorative workouts will have keep you sweating (at your convenience)! Browse the workout library for a variety of programs (such as Lose 10 in 10, Barre 101, and Best Beach Body) which come in 10, 15, 30, 45, and 57 minutes intervals.

Why I love it: Not only can you choose workouts based on your fitness goals, but you can also create playlists for different exercises. Customize your own workouts by mixing your favorite exercises together to make the most of your sweat sesh.
Required equipment: Many of the workouts are body weight only, however, some may call for light dumbbells, a Pilates ball, a resistance band, or a yoga mat.
Best for: The barre and Pilates lovers or those who want a serious toning session.
Cost: Get started with 14 days free and use the promo code “57ONDEMAND” for 50% off your subscription (usually $19.99 a month) after the trial!

Wherever you may be, stick to your fitness goals (at the fraction of the cost of a boutique class IRL)!

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