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News Flash: All Alcohol Is Bad For You2 min read

News Flash: All Alcohol Is Bad For You | health is wellth

We’ve all heard that drinking alcohol in moderation is good for our heart health, and until very recently, science agreed. Many studies reported that wine or beer with dinner could lower the risks for heart disease and extend our lives. Well, apparently that isn’t true anymore. A new global study reports that alcohol can actually increase the risk of health problems.

According to The Global Burden of Diseases study involving 195 nations over 26 years, no amount of alcohol is safe. When weighing the risks and benefits, researchers found that drinking no alcohol is best to ensure no health loss. Curious about the potential health risks? Well the long list includes cardiovascular problems, cancer, tuberculosis, and premature death.

Keep reading to find out the risk factors from drinking alcohol

The study revealed that a third of the world population drinks alcohol, which breaks down to 25% of women and 39% of men. On average, women consumed 0.7 daily standard drinks as compared to 1.7 for men. Researchers did find that those who consumed less than the daily standard drinks average, could get some protection from heart disease. However, the researchers maintain that the health risks associated with even moderate consumption outweighs any minor potential benefits.

The risk factor of developing an alcohol-related health problem, from having one drink per day versus none, resulted in a 0.5% increase. The risk factor increases to 7% for those who have 2 drinks per day, and 37% for those who drink 5 standard drinks everyday.

There is a strong correlation between consuming additional drinks per day and the chances of developing an alcohol-related health problem. On the flip side, the problem with this study is that it is based on observational data. What that means is that the study does not prove cause and affect.

So take from it what you will. Just remember that an additional boozy beverage may not be as innocent as it seems. Always consume responsibly and be able to recognize when you have had enough.

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