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The Spotlight: Humming Puppy4 min read

The Spotlight: Humming Puppy | health is wellth
The Spotlight is where my favorite classes, studios, products, brands, destinations (or anything else that I can’t get enough of) is featured! If I love it enough to share, I hope you might want to go ahead and try it!

Humming Puppy is a little slice of yogic heaven in NYC. This Australian-based yoga studio in Chelsea will give you an amazing experience from the moment you walk in and until you leave. Seriously, this studio is a breath of fresh air in the competitive NYC fitness scene.


Upon entering, Humming Puppy greets you with a gorgeous lounge area that is absolutely drenched in wonderful natural sunlight. With plenty of cozy spots to sit to and enjoy this beautiful oasis, you might want to come a little early to soak in the peaceful vibes with the complimentary coconut water, teas, and filtered water. This is the perfect space to take a few moments to chill out before your yoga class.

Humming Puppy NYC yoga studio

Airy lounge area at Humming Puppy NYC — Image by Humming Puppy


When practicing at Humming Puppy, you are encouraged to come as you are. Meaning there is no need to bring anything beyond yourself, as the studio is all-inclusive and is outfitted with high-quality Manduka yoga mats, blocks, straps, and any other equipment you might need. The studio has locker rooms with showers that are equipped with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. It also provides, hair dryers, straighteners, and other toiletries (deodorant, dry shampoo, etc.).

Speaking of all-inclusive, Humming Puppy is a yoga studio for everyone. You will be accepted and challenged no matter the level of your practice. Most importantly, all of their classes reflect this intention.


Mellow Hum, Unified Hum, and Dynamic Hum are the three types of classes offered at Humming Puppy. If you want zen vibes, Mellow Hum is for you. This class is super chilled as the pace is slow, and the focus is on gentle, restorative movement. Unified Hum is more moderately paced class with the focus on fundamental postures. This class is great for all levels as the teachers offer detailed instruction and modifications. Dynamic Hum is the most physically demanding of the classes offered at Humming Puppy. The flow is much more strength based and geared towards intermediate to advanced practitioners. No matter which Hum you take, each class varies based on the instructors teaching style. However, all of the instructors are incredibly welcoming and accommodating, in and out of class.

What makes Humming Puppy truly unique, is the ability to reserve your mat (and its location) in advance when booking your desired class. So no more worrying about getting to class early to save your favorite spot in the studio! Also, each class caps out at 39 mats so you don’t have to worry about being squeezed in like sardines (or the prospect of someone sweating on your mat). What’s even better is that unlike other studios, Humming Puppy’s yoga shala is tiered, similar to stadium seating, so everyone has a clear view of the instructor at the front and center of the shala.

Humming Puppy NYC yoga studio

Yoga shala at Humming Puppy — Image by Humming Puppy


As bright and airy as the lounge is, Humming Puppy’s yoga shala encompasses a different vibe that is just as serene. Completely black and dimly lit, this elegant space is heated to a comfortably warm 80 degrees. In addition, you’ll notice a soothing humming sound in the air. This hum gives off a vibration that helps to deepen your practice by calming your mind and centering your focus. Let the hum consume you as the outside world feels far away.

Near the end of every class, your instructor will perform a sound bath during savasana. It creates such a refreshing (and almost euphoric) feeling that will leave you vibrating higher throughout the rest of your day. 

Whether you are looking for a few moments of zen or a good workout, Humming Puppy is your yoga oasis full of good vibes. I encourage you to check them out (including their introductory specials)!

The Spotlight Summary — Humming Puppy
Class Size Max capacity is 39 students
Class Types Mellow Hum, Unified Hum, and Dynamic Hum
Amenities All yoga equipment is included (mats, towels, blocks, straps, etc.)
Facilities Locker room with showers plus available toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hairdryers, straighteners, etc.)
Locations NYC (Chelsea) — 119  W 23rd St (Suite 200), New York, NY 10011

Other locations — Melbourne and Sydney


Special introductory offer — $50 for unlimited classes for 4 weeks

Single class — $35 per class

Unlimited weekly classes — $38 per week (auto-pay) or $60 per week (pay as you go)

10 class pack — $190 ($19 per class)

Reservation Requires pre-booking online (plus you can reserve you mat!)
Tips Be on time! Late arrivals are not allowed since interruptions are not conducive for a good yoga experience.

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