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The Spotlight: Salthaus4 min read

The Spotlight: Salthaus | health is wellth
The Spotlight is where my favorite classes, studios, products, brands, destinations (or anything else that I can’t get enough of) is featured! If I love it enough to share, I hope you might want to go ahead and try it!

Salthaus is a modern salt room and social wellness experience in NYC empowering you to take charge of your health. With halotherapy, they meet you where you are and what you need each week from alone time or to gather and connect with family, friends and colleagues. This beautiful oasis is the perfect place to unplug from the urban jungle to recharge your body and mind. A few breaths of the salty air from Salthaus’s halo rooms can reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen immunity, improve skin’s appearance, reduce inflammation, and increase lung capacity.

If you’ve never heard of halotherapy, let me put you on! It is a holistic method (also known as salt therapy) that has been modernized from the traditional salt caves of Eastern Europe which goes as far back as the 12th century. Salthaus recreates the micro-climate of a salt cave by circulating dry, salty air into the halo rooms. That way, all you need to do is to sit mindfully, allowing yourself to unwind and reset as you experience the benefits of the salty air.

Experience the healing benefits of halotherapy at Salthaus

Experience the healing benefits of halotherapy at Salthaus

The beauty of halotherapy at Salthaus is that you can come as you are to this calm, peaceful environment and will leave feeling calmer, healthier, and rejuvenated!

When you enter the halo room (don’t forget to remove your shoes first), you’ll notice that the ground is completely covered in an impressive amount of pink Himalayan salt. The salt covered floor blends so well with the beautiful boho pink aesthetic of the entire space. Grab a seat in a chaise, meditation chair, or find a comfortable position in the Himalayan salt to begin your session.

Once you session begins, Salthaus’s technology grinds salt into microscopic particles and releases them into the air of the room. As you sit and breathe the dry, salty air, you’ll likely notice some subtle changes. Your breathing may begin to feel clearer, you’ll begin to feel more at ease and relaxed, and you might even be able to taste the very light saltiness in the air. Salthaus also provides weighted blankets and eye masks, notepads for journaling, and noise-canceling headphones to enhance your halotherapy experience. Whatever you decide to use, just allow space to unwind, detox, and recharge your body and mind. 

Choose from a variety of sessions and packages for your next halotherapy experience

Choose from a variety of sessions and packages for your next halotherapy experience

Salthaus offers a variety of halotherapy sessions and packages ranging from express 20-minute lunchtime sessions to a full 45-minute session. There is an option for a private halo experience if you want to reserve the room for a special girls night, celebration or meeting. Salthaus even offers halotherapy for teens and kids which allows for this healing space to be experienced by the whole family!

Salthaus also has halo classes, which are 45-minute active meditations for those who want more guidance in their experience.


There are numerous benefits of halotherapy! As you inhale the microscopic salt particles into your respiratory system, this holistic therapy can clear the airways, reduce inflammation, and absorb irritants that cause various respiratory conditions. Just these small changes can reinvigorate your entire body by increasing lung capacity and oxygen intake. It can also have similar effects on your skin by absorbing any impurities that are on your skin (that may be causing some unwanted skin conditions).

Book your next salt therapy session at Salthaus to experience the many healing benefits of halotherapy

Book your next salt therapy session at Salthaus to experience the many healing benefits of halotherapy

Halotherapy can also boost your mood! This method is believed to produce negative ions which can encourage your body to release more serotonin, which is the natural chemical behind your feelings of happiness. This form of holistic therapy can also boost your immunity, reduce stress, and aid better sleep. It’s also great for athletic recovery due to its inflammatory properties. With regular sessions, halotherapy can really improve your quality of life!

Curious about breathing new life into your wellness routine? Then book your next halotherapy session at Salthaus. Stay salty!

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