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Staying Healthy on Vacation3 min read

Staying Healthy While on Vacation | health is wellth

Summer is almost over, and Labor Day weekend has arrived. You are probably counting down the hours until you go on vacation to live your best life (and maybe take a few selfies while doing it). However, it is hard to keep up with wellness habits while traveling. Our healthy living habits often go out the airplane window as we jet off to the “I’m on vacation” mentality. So we indulge without a second thought. Not until we are on the flight back from paradise wondering where we picked up those extra pounds. Hint: it’s not the souvenirs.

Let’s be clear — vacation is about enjoying, and not restricting, yourself. Have a healthleisurely vacay by living your best life and staying healthy at the same time. It is possible!

Keep reading for how to stay healthy on your next vacation

Staying Healthy While on Vacation | health is wellth

Eat ahead of time

Airports are where healthy habits go to die. It’s hard to find a balanced meal anywhere. Once you leave the security checkpoint, you are bombarded with fast food options, and the airplane food is rarely any better. Instead of arriving to the airport hungry, try eating before you get to the airport so you are less likely to be partake in the limited options.

Pack snacks

If you don’t have time to eat before hand or are taking a long flight, bring healthy snacks! Bringing your own snacks is a great option to help bypass the typical airport temptations (and high prices). It is also a good idea to bring a few extra for your destination, as your meals are less structured than at home. Just make sure you save room to explore the local cuisine!

Eat like a local

You traveled this far, why not enjoy the local flavors? Before your trip, research popular local dishes beforehand. Once you have knowledge of a the typical meals, you can decide which options are best for your diet. Make healthful choices whenever possible, but it is more important to do so only when it appeals to you. If a certain item sounds good but doesn’t fit into your diet, try to tailor your meal. Don’t be afraid to ask for something your own way.

Indulge mindfully

The opportunities to eat and celebrate being on vacation are seemingly endless. Not that you need my permission, but it’s ok to have that cocktail or get that extra tasty looking dessert! Just make sure to indulge mindfully and in moderation. While you never want to feel like you are depriving yourself of food, you should always eat when you are hungry and stop when you are comfortable. Food baby bloat never feels good.

Stay hydrated

When on vacation, hydration is key! It’s easy to immediately start indulging in boozy beverages without giving a second thought to our daily water intake. Beware as alcohol can accelerate dehydration, so be diligent about your water consumption. And remember, science now says no amount of alcohol is good for you, not even in moderation.

Make time for exercise

Build in opportunities to exercise. It could be as simple as doing a walking tour (walking is your secret weapon) or allowing time for a 15 min jump rope session. Plan ahead of time what your “go to” exercise will be. There are plenty of easy workouts you can take with you anywhere! Join a local class or get fit digitally. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to exercise on vacation.

Now go enjoy your vacation, you deserve this! With a little extra prep and planning, you can enjoy the #vacayvibes without any regrets.

Going on vacation soon? Read my tips on how to travel smart and some workouts (including on-demand classes) that you can travel with anywhere!


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