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Travel Light Without Compromising Your Style3 min read

Travel Light Without Compromising Your Style | health is wellth

Summer’s in full swing and so is vacation season! With a few more long weekends ahead, this the perfect time to plan a solo trip or a girls’ getaway. Whether it is sightseeing in picturesque European towns or sipping cocktails on a beach in the Caribbean, beyond your itinerary, it’s very important to plan your suitcase. Decisions need to be made so you aren’t left wondering “why did I bring all this stuff?” No matter if you are an inexperienced traveler or a frequent flyer, below are some tips on how to pack smarter and lighter.

Have a trip planned this summer? Keep reading for packing hacks!

Don’t procrastinate

We’ve all waited to pack at the last minute before a trip (because, you know, how hard can it be?), only to realize that it is don’t let this be you. Plan ahead! Check the forecast regularly a week in advance so you can plan you attire for the weather accordingly. Mother nature can be unpredictable!

Carry it on

Travel with just a carry-on. Even Karlie Kloss prefers it. My personal favorite is the Away Carryon with Pocket. It’s perfect for those who mix business and pleasure (or those who want to stream shows without their tablet dying). Beyond being able to charge your devices while on the go with its portable battery, there is also an easy access pocket on the front for storing your passport, magazine, laptop, tablet or anything else you want to have handy. Thoughtfully designed and guaranteed for life, this suitcase is perfect to go wherever you go.

Mix and match
Plan your color palette and outfits ahead of time!

Plan your color palette and outfits ahead of time!

As much fun as it is to plan outfits for vacay, sometimes we go overboard and pack 3 outfit changes per day as if it is absolutely necessary. Instead, create a color palette and only pack items that can mix and match or layer so you get multiple outfits with one item. That way you can have many outfits with less clothing. Now you have more space for bringing back treats!

Leave out the “what ifs”

In case you find yourself thinking “what if I bring (blank), just in case (blank)?” Leave it behind. Those “what if” scenarios are unlikely to happen, and in case they do, you can find something suitable at your destination, which can also double as a unique souvenir.

Packing cubes
Packing Cubes from Away

Packing Cubes from Away

If you don’t take any of this advice place take this gem: use packing cubes! They will save you space and keep you organized. Extra benefit: it keeps your items from exploding all over the floor once you open your suitcase at your destination.

Keep your toiletries nearby
Keep your favorite skincare products easily accessible

Keep your favorite skincare products easily accessible

Instead of keeping all your cosmetics in your overhead carry on, store them in a small bag or backpack to keep underneath the seat in front of you. It guarantees easy access to your supplies in case you want to mask and moisture so you touch down with oh so glowy skin.

Stay hydrated
Stay hydrated with bkr

Stay hydrated with bkr

It’s hard to say no to adult beverages while flying, but it’s not just the recycled, pressurized cabin air at 35,000 feet that harm your skin, but also alcohol. Instead, drink water! Not only does it have benefits for your skin, but also helps your body fight germs while traveling. Think ahead by bringing a reusable water bottle with you and fill it up after security. It’s both good for you and the planet!

Now you’re ready to jet – happy travels!

Have other tips on traveling light? Share them with me in the comments! Also don’t forget to take these workouts with you when you travel!


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