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40 Example Intentions to Turn Your Mindset Into Reality2 min read

40 Intentions to Help Turn Your Mindset Into Reality | health is wellth

If you’ve been following me on my Instagram for awhile you already know I am regularly writing down my intentions. To me, intentions are the way by which your mindset can be turned into a reality. Sounds pretty powerful doesn’t it? It is. So why not start setting your own intentions?

However, thinking about your intentions is only part of the equation. When it comes to intention setting, it is important to not just “set it and forget it” — try to create visual reminders so your intentions can be front of mind on a daily basis. Maybe consider writing it in a daily journal or putting it on a sticky note in your bathroom mirror, the point is to just get creative with how you want to bring it out into the world!

If you are new to setting intentions, no worries, I’ve created a FREE intention setting guide + template to start setting and writing your first intentions. Once you’ve received that guide, keep reading for 40 sample intentions to help spark some ideas for your own. And, of course, if any of these resonate with you, feel free to use them!

Read on for a list of intention examples to get you started40 Intentions to Help Turn Your Mindset Into Reality | health is wellth

Do one thing everyday that makes me smile

Focus on what I can do instead of what I can’t

Work on de-cluttering my home or work space

Take time to unplug everyday

Less hustle, more flow

Practice daily meditation

Establish morning + evening routines

Prioritize your sleep

Show up for myself

Let go of things that don’t serve me

Find joy in the little things

Get outside and explore nature

Eat mindfully

Eat more plant-based meals

Cook one new meal a week

Practice some low-waste habits

Less overthinking, more trusting

Make time to tap into my creative energy

Take more opportunities to get out of my comfort zone

Revise budgets to spend less & save more

Get clear on business goals

Establish boundaries

Be present & stay grounded

Detach from what was, embrace what is

Appreciate abundance

Allow time and space for mindful movement

Release judgments of myself

Trust the timing of my life

Less screen time

Enjoy a social media detox one day a week

Make time to keep learning

Remind myself that it is okay slow down & protect my energy

Let go of self doubt

Minimize judgment of my own feelings

Stay hydrated by upping water intake

Take time up unwind with rest days

Write down daily gratitude

Show appreciation to friends + family

Say yes often, & remain open to new possibilities

Take one thing at a time

Hopefully this list sparked some ideas to help you to get started. Believe in yourself. You’ve got this!

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