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How to Live Healthleisurely4 min read

How to Live Healthleisurely | health is wellth

Work-life balance – you’ve read about it, talked about it, and wondered “how does she do it?” You might’ve even asked about it in a job interview, but then received the most non-answer ever like, “we work hard and play harder.” It’s 2018, and it’s time to finally say it: work-life balance is a myth. Even Jeff Bezos describes it as “a debilitating phrase because it implies there’s a strict trade-off.”

The work-life balance concept is simply unrealistic. Since when is spending 8 hours a day working not a part of our lives? Work shouldn’t have to be something we all must struggle through in order to start living our real lives. Those hours are just as real as the time spent socializing, exercising, sleeping, traveling, and trying to #liveyourbestlife. And what about that remaining life part? It’s filled with those real life adult responsibilities no one prepared you for, and there can be a lot to manage — whether pursuing higher education, raising children, managing finances, maintaining social circles, or even starting a new business, we can get weary and wonder, when will there be time to be me?

The fundamental problem with work-life balance is the perpetual imbalance from constantly subordinating yourself. If work and responsibilities are always the priority, you will always come second (or third!). And in case you didn’t know, life is short. So, pause for a moment, and evaluate how you can live more healthleisurely.

Keep reading for 7 tips on living healthleisurely

How to Live Healthleisurely | health is wellth

Be present

Think about your day from the moment you wake up, to when you fall asleep. Do you go about your entire day on autopilot until it is time to go to bed? Instead, try to be more present, even if it is for a few moments. Think about how a certain task is making you feel, and what you can do to change or nurture that feeling. Don’t worry about being perfect, this exercise is about helping you practice mindful living.

Don’t be afraid to say no

We often find ourselves saying yes to things that don’t make us happy in order to not disappoint others. Remember you always have a choice, but all choices have consequences. It is your responsibility to check with yourself whether the ask it is essential or adds value to your life.

Minimize toxins

This is not only about your food and cosmetics, but also with people. We have all spent time with someone who depletes our energy. Try inviting others to hang out as a group as a way to diffuse the emotional drain. Also, spend more time with people who feed you positive energy. When you are around people who give off positive energy, you begin to exude that same energy and more people will be drawn to you. Remember: your vibe attracts your tribe.

Build your relationships

Connect and pay attention to those who are important. Newsflash, Netflix might be ruining your relationship. So instead of Netflix and chilling with your SO, talk and download about each other’s day, introduce a new activity you both enjoy. You might learn something new about each other.

Spend time alone

Is there an activity that calms and grounds you after a stressful day? If so, do more of it! Be selfish with your personal time and prioritize it in your schedule. Future you will be very thankful.

Expand your awareness

Try something new! Mixing up our routine can give us a more positive outlook on our lives, so try to do something that challenges or scares you. You might be surprised as to how it can open you up or change you. Growth looks good on everyone!

Be kind to yourself

Not everything will go our way sometimes, but we have to learn to forgive ourselves when mistakes or bad things happen. Instead of avoidance, embrace those negative feelings and try to figure out how you can do better next time. Do not dwell on it but be grateful for the learning opportunity and keep it moving!

Implementing a few of these steps can help you reevaluate where there is imbalance in your life. These adjustments can even increase your productivity and well-being – giving you the positive energy to reach your goals by taking the valuable actions needed to keep moving forward in a meaningful way every day.

Living in healthleisure is about creating and maintaining balance, which may change throughout your life. It is a lifelong journey, not an endgame. We all live our lives differently and are subject to different pressures, so our perspectives on balance may not look the same. But we can learn from each other by sharing how we each live healthleisurely.

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