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Is Self-Care Giving You Anxiety?3 min read

Is Self-Care Giving You Anxiety? | health is wellth

There is an seemingly unending amount of content about how self-care is good for your health. And that is true, because taking care of yourself is an important part of maintaining your physical, mental, and emotional health.

However, this area of wellness can be anxiety-inducing for some because so much of engaging in #selfcare is sharing it on social media. Though you may be influenced by content promoting self-care, you may get caught up in comparing how yours looks to someone else’s perfect Instagram post.

Those same reminders that encourage you to take the time to care for yourself can be counterproductive and cultivate feelings of not being good or worthy enough for self-care.

It is common to get distracted by the noise of #selfcare, but with a few tips you can turn down the anxiety and truly focus on your self-care time.

Keep reading for how to eliminate anxiety from your self-careIs Self-Care Giving You Anxiety? | health is wellth

Make it your own

If you want to develop a self-care practice, the secret is simple: do what works for you. Tend to your body, mind, and spirit in whatever way that makes you feel good. Give yourself the freedom to do something unscheduled and unstructured just for your own joy. There is no rule that self-care has to be masks and baths. It can be reading, journaling, taking a nap, maybe going for a walk. That’s the beauty of self-care — it can be absolutely whatever you want!

Keep is simple (if you want)

Self-care doesn’t have to be the occasional big production. But if you want your self-care time to be extra, with all the bells and whistles, you do you boo! Just known that self-care can be in small ways on a daily basis. It could be doing one small activity that could calm you in that particular moment. And it’s totally fine if that changes, It doesn’t always need to be the same thing every time. Just remember that it doesn’t need to look like anyone’s Instagrammable moment and most definitely doesn’t need to break the bank.

Be in the moment

Your self-care should be about creating a space and time for you, by you, to be you. Claim your time and decide how and when you want to do your own self-care. If you need to schedule it, make sure you treat that time as an equally important obligation and really commit yourself to being in the moment. Also try to limit the distractions that take you away from being present for doing what makes you feel good.

Do it for yourself, not the gram

Self-care isn’t about being Instagrammable, but if you want to share your self-care process — go ahead! However, before you go through the documentation process, pause for a moment to reflect on the reason you are sharing it. Self-care shouldn’t just make you feel good because you shared it, but it also doesn’t need to Instagrammable perfection to share. Stop if you find yourself stressing about the right way to self-care — there is no right way. If you decide to document it, the most important thing is that the actual self-care made you feel good, not the amount of likes it got. If you don’t share it remember that just because your self-care process wasn’t documented on social media, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Your self-care rituals and habits are supposed to be making your life better, and should not be giving you anxiety. It is not another way to strive for perfection or to add extra pressure and stress in your life. Just tune into yourself and do what you need.

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