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11 Ways to Shift Your Mindset & Get Out of a Funk5 min read

11 Ways to Shift Your Mindset & Get Out of a Funk | health is wellth

Are you going through a funk? Maybe you’re feeling tired, uninspired, stuck, unmotivated, frustrated & generally very exhausted. Or maybe, you are feeling all of those things, but didn’t know you are in a funk. It’s okay, because it is human nature to have off days & negative feelings, but what really matters is how you manage them. 

Yes, funks really suck, but remember: you are enough & this too shall pass.

Whatever you have access to right now is enough. You don’t need to be able to do more despite what this world might tell you. But, in order to pull yourself out of this funk, you need to use both short & long-term strategies to help shift your mindset & find your motivation. Also, consider developing a practice around some of this activities in this post, as they can have deeper benefits beyond just snapping you out of a temporary funk.

Keep reading for 11 tips to shift your mindset & get out of a funk

Take a breath

Pause for moment. Take a deep inhale, followed by a slow exhale. Do it again. One more time. Feeling calmer? Sometimes all you need to quiet the noise that is feeding your funk is to take a moment to center yourself by focusing on your breath. Breath techniques can help you minimize stress & activate the body’s natural relaxation response — plus, pranayama can easily be done anywhere.

Live one day at a time

This might sound cliché, but live in the moment! Too often our thoughts can be firmly fixed on the past or the future, either worrying about what we could have done or what we should be doing. By taking each day as it comes, we start valuing each day for the gift that it is. Life can only be shaped by what we do & the decisions we make in the present.

Limit time on social media

Yes, social media is cool, but there might not be anything worse than comparing your funk to the highlight reel of someone else’s seemingly “amazing” life. When you are feeling down in the dumps, try to limit the time you spend on your social media apps. Consider setting daily time limits, so you don’t find yourself in a multi-hour comparison scroll. Also aim to consume content that uplifts & inspires you, and don’t be afraid to mute or unfollow anyone that makes you feel lesser than.

Find a routine

Even in a funk, implementing some structure into our days can go a long way in helping us maintain our health, our productivity, and our social & emotional well-being. Even in a stressful time, doing a few enjoyable activities on a regular basis helps to maintain a sense of optimism & normalcy. If you don’t have one, maybe it is time to finally start a routine!

Go to your happy place

A little change of scenery can help shift your perspective & reset your mind. Consider taking a mini break for yourself in a place that makes you feel good. It doesn’t need to be a big environmental change (unless you want to), it could be a simple as doing outside for a walk or going on a drive. 

Try something new

Routines are a great way to develop some normalcy around uncertain times, however, doing something a bit different with your day can reset your mood and brain into a better mode. If you normally listen to music, instead try a podcast (or even silence). Make your favorite morning beverage in a new way. Cook a meal from a new recipe. Walk your pet on a different route. Attempt an DIY project. Scream into a pillow. Just try something out of the ordinary.

Treat yourself

When you are in a negative head space, treating yourself can really lift your spirits. If you can, take the morning off or even the whole day. Make yourself a healthy breakfast. Or an unhealthy one! Buy yourself something you’ve been wanting that you don’t really need. Treating yourself is fun, but be mindful with your choices (read: retail therapy)!

Start small

An effective way to jump start yourself out of a funk is to start by taking one small action. I know that in a funk, the thought of tackling a to-do list, doing something new, or adding to your routine can be overwhelming. However, by starting with a few small actions, you can score a few easy wins and build momentum for the rest of your day. It is always really encouraging & motivating, and you might end up finding some productivity with other things too. Just one step forward can take away a lot of stress, improve your mood, & take away negative thoughts.

Make time for rest

Give your body and mind a moment to release, refresh, & renew. Release any guilt around this time to focus on yourself as you are allowed to rest & do nothing to survive the chaotic time you are experiencing. Also, when showing yourself a little tenderness, practice self-compassion, it is the ultimate form of self-care.

Express gratitude

When in a funk, it is easy to forget & lose perspective on the positive things happening in your life. Try to think about what you’re thankful for at least once a day. If you begin to prioritize gratitude and recognize the things you appreciate most, eventually it will become second nature. By showing gratitude for what you do have, you won’t miss out on the little joys of life.

Talk to someone

Identifying a funk can be hard because sometimes there’s a very fine line between mental health issues and other problems that are making you feel not quite like yourself. Consider spending some time with someone you care about, trust, & who knows you well enough to understand how and why you’re feeling this way. Maybe talk to a therapist if you are unsure whether what you are experiencing is more than a funk.

What gets you out of a funk? Would love to hear your methods in the comments!

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